Mar 21, 2011

I'm taking back the house

Reagan and I have loved every stage that Sara Madalin has gone through. When she learned to turn over from her back to her tummy, I blogged about it. When she started pushing herself into a sitting position from her tummy, I videoed and cheered and posted it on the blog. When she started walking toward me as I held out my hand with an "M" in it, again there was video on the blog. I've shown pictures and videos or all the cute things she's done. And I've talked about her sweet little voice and how we love to hear her talk and and laugh. I dare say there has not been one stage we have not enjoyed in her little life.

Until this one. This child has got a strong-will like I have never seen. And her Daddy and I are beginning to think we might be too old for this fight. Here are some pictures of her Sunday evening during one of her "expressions" of that will.

That's her, Sunday afternoon, sitting in the time-out chair. She's blurry, in part, because of the camera setting, but mostly because she was PITCHING. A. FIT.

I don't even remember all the reasons she got in trouble this weekend, but it seemed we were putting her in time out or spanking her every 5 minutes. And it's amazing how quickly she turns it on and off. One minute she was giving us kisses, the next she was disobeying and doing this...

I know her little life and schedule have been crazy for the past couple months. I'm sure that's one reason she's not sleeping well and being so difficult at times. But hear me when I say, that is about to change.

These little tantrums and the whining are about to be brought under a little more control.

I told her one day this past week, "You are 3-years-old. You ARE NOT in charge. Mommy and Daddy are." I guess I should also say, when you have to verbally remind your child of that because the message isn't already made clear by your non-verbal actions, as a parent you're already behind the game.

Now, before I get an email from an aunt, my sister, or Nana, let me say, while she is being difficult right now, we do understand it is just a stage. And she has just as many moments of sweetness as she does mischief. That's why, when she started acting like this, I told Reagan, "Let me get my camera." She does get in trouble quite a bit these days, and we are working with all our energy to show her our will is stronger than hers. But we pray it is because God has great things in store for her and that strong will she has. I'm just going to be honest for a minute though - ya'll, she is wearing us out.

I laugh every time I look at this next picture. She goes to whoever is not spanking her or trying to make her mind. At this time, I must have been getting on to her because she was trying to get her Daddy to hold her. You can clearly see he's trying not to lose his ever-loving mind during all the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I mean it. She's not in charge here. No more "me-yulk" cups after 7:00 p.m. No more "Dora" during dinner. And no more "M's" just 'cause you tee-tee in the potty. Mama is taking back the house.

With Daddy's help, of course. Lots of help from Daddy. And maybe a little Benadryl at night.

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Victoria said...

I wish Blogs had LIKE buttons cause I Definitely LIKE mommy being in CHARGE!! would love to tell you it will get better but mine will be 4 in May and I haven't seen better yet. . . still waiting for that. And o top of everything my 2 year old is beginning to look allot like your first photo op. *Sigh*

LisaAnne said...

Oh my, that just makes me laugh. And I know it isn't funny when you are living it. But from a distance, it is funny.

Good luck with winning the war. From my parenting experience, if you have a strong willed child (and boy do I EVER!), there is little that can be done to tame the spirit.

I just try to reign mine in as much as possible.

People always tell me how fun and spunky my little guys is (now 10). I amquick to respond that yes, he is fun, if your AREN'T the parent.

Invest in ear plugs. And chocolate. :)

Stacy said...

I remember calling my mom crying and asking where my sweet little boy went?!?!? Three is such a hard age! God has great things in store for our high spirited young uns! Please tell me he does!!!

Denise Darnell Davis said...

I totally understand-Anna is 2 & we are going through the same thing...the never ending whining was driving me crazy, but when she threw a fit in the grocery store parking lot because I made her hold my hand (by fit I mean going limp making it look like I was trying to kidnap her w/all the screaming)...I knew it was time I had to teach her that momma is the boss or whatever adult she is around is the boss. It's the most exhausting thing I think I've ever done! She truly thinks I'm the most awful person when I tell her I want her nose touching the wall the entire time she is in the corner...but learned real fast not to get out of the corner, run to daddy & tell him momma is mean bc daddy is on mommas side! I've never met you or Reagan but from reading your blog I can tell you are awesome parents!

Baylee's Mommy said...

LOVE-N-THIS POST! LOL Hang in there....this ride (called parenting) is bumpy!:)

blessedmomto8 said...


K Storm said...

I know this tune by are doing great shaping this precious girl for what lies ahead...God has big plans for her with that strong will. (I have to remind myself of that from time to time too)