Mar 28, 2011

It's a tiny tuttle Daddy

Saturday, after we returned from running a few errands and having lunch, Reagan began to do some work in the yard while I began to fight with our child to get her to take a nap. About an hour after our fight began, I gave up. I had threatened everything I knew to threaten and NOTHING worked with her. Well, just as I surrendered and told her she could go in the living room but that she wasn't going to watch TV or go outside for the rest of the day, Daddy came in and changed the course of our afternoon.

He had been working in the shrub beds and had found a teeny little turtle out there. Sara Madalin was beyond excited. She said, "It's a tiny tuttle, Daddy!" when he showed it to her. She just could not get enough of it.

She kept wanting to touch it and talk to it. It was so funny. She put her finger a little too close to his mouth one time and he bit her.

She wanted to hold him so Reagan put him on her leg. She was so giddy that he kept falling off because she moved so much.

Reagan helped her hold him a little.

They put him on the floor and let him walk around some but I didn't get any good pics of that. The whole time he was on the floor, she kept getting really close to him and saying, "Come on wittle tuttle. Come here."

He was so tiny.

Reagan convinced her that they needed to take the turtle back out to the water. (So much for my threat that she wasn't going outside for the rest of the afternoon.) So, I changed her clothes and they headed out to the lake to release him back in the water. (He had webbed feet and Reagan said he probably came up from the water to our house recently.) Look at my celebrity daughter releasing the tiny turtle with her Daddy.

Not sure where he is now, but he was great entertainment for about 20 minutes at our house.

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Laura said...

The pic of Daddy and Baby girl's hands holding the turtle is my fav! I remember when Alise was that age and we found a crawfish in our driveway after a good rain. Fun times!