Mar 29, 2011

Lawn and Garden

This past Saturday morning we headed out to Lowe's to get a few plants for the back porch and yard. We also picked up several bales of pine straw for the shrub beds. I'm pretty sure it was clear to anyone who saw us on the road after we left Lowe's, we are no pros when it comes to gardening. Exhibit A - this is how we transported the plants I bought for the front porch.

I should mention two things - I don't know the name of this plant, but my sister-in-law has them every year and she said they are hearty and grow well in full sun. And second, they looked nothing like that when they made it to our house. The wind did quite a number on them.

We spent the entire day planting, potting, and placing things where they needed to be. Sara Madalin spent the day playing in the water, the sand and the mud. She played hard all afternoon and was exhausted by the time we came in for baths and dinner. Here are a couple photos of her before I brought her in for a bath.

She was filthy. And although she's only wearing a pull-up in the photos, that is not how I dressed her to go outside earlier in the afternoon. But, while I was repotting some plants on the back porch, and she was playing at her sand/water table, I looked over and she had taken off all her clothes. I warned her that if she took that pull-up off she was going inside for the rest of the afternoon. And if you've read my blog long, you know my warnings work very well with her. (Ahem) But she did keep the pull-up on.

As I said, she played hard. And we worked hard. Reagan put pine straw down in all our beds. He said by the end of the day he was reminded why he usually pays someone to do his yard work. He likes the end result, but not so much the work that goes into it.

I took a few photos at the end of the day. I was so busy working or chasing SM throughout the day that I forgot to take photos before that. Here's the back porch where we love to sit and look out at the lake.

Our rocking chairs. I still need to clean them up. That's on my list of things to do next weekend. The plant that is to the right of the chairs is one sent to us at Mrs. Brown's funeral from Sara Madalin's birth family. I repotted it and it has done well so far.

I do know the name of these little flowers that I planted in hanging baskets right off the back porch. They are petunias and I'm pretty good at keeping them alive.

I love how by the end of May those baskets are usually full of this pretty little flower.

When I was potting these, I gave one plant to Sara Madalin and told her she could go plant it anywhere she wanted. Heaven only knows where that little flower ended up. But she thought she was planting a flower and that is all that mattered at the time.

I looked for new cushions for my wicker furniture, but didn't find anything I liked. Again, on my list for next weekend.

I found this little guy while I was taking photos. Good thing SM was inside with her Daddy. She loves to chase lizards on the porch.

Here's the front porch.

I certainly hope those plants make it. Looks like I need to tie stakes to them so they don't lean so much too. And I haven't brought out my Easter decorations yet, that's why there's no wreath on the door. I'll try to remember to take photos again when I decorate for that.

Now, since we moved to the country two years ago, I've wanted a small garden. We just don't have a clue how to start one. But I did convince Reagan to let me get a few vegetable plants from Lowe's and plant them in a small area of the shrub bed next to the garage where nothing is growing right now. So, here's my first attempt at a little garden.

I have two cucumber plants.

I have two green bell pepper plants. I love green bell peppers. Especially sauteed in butter and soy sauce. Yummy!

And we have two tomato plants. If these make it and they grow taller, we'll purchase a trellis for them to grow up.

And, we didn't plant these today, but we have three plum trees as well. Here's one of them.

And a shot of all three.

One more planting of flowers in the front beds. Again, I don't have a clue what this plant is, but I know I've potted it before and didn't kill it. Here's hoping for a repeat.

And then we also planted some strawberries in a raised planter Reagan bought a couple years ago to grow tomatoes. He was unsuccessful in the tomato department, but did manage to get a few strawberries out of the season. Here's hoping we have a bountiful harvest of strawberries from these little plants this year.

I also cleaned out our sunroom so that we could possibly eat in there sometime. We haven't used it much since we moved here because with it just being a screened porch, every time pollen falls or the grass is cut, everything in there is covered in dust. I sprayed it down with a hose from top to bottom Saturday. SM loved that part of the day. She was soaked within 30 seconds of me turning on the hose. I looked over a couple times, and she was laying down in the filthy water that was a result of me cleaning the floor. Anyway, here's our sun room after I cleaned it up a bit.

We actually ate out there Saturday night. The lake was smooth and calm and it wasn't too hot. We really enjoyed it.

I also took a photo of some of the wall hangings out there. I bought them at the Canton Flea market right after we moved here. This one made me think of Reagan and his love for coffee.

We had a very tiring but productive day on the "farm". It wore us all out - including SM. By 7:30 she was hugged up to me on the couch almost asleep.

Planting and potting all those flowers made me think of Reagan's mom. She always loved to see our yard and Susan's yard every Spring once we'd planted and prepared it for the Summer. She also loved having fresh flowers on her front porch and in the yard around the trees. We miss her but we know she's in a much more beautiful place than we can create down here with a few potted plants.

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Melanie said...

There was an article in this month's Better Homes and Gardens - it is a vegetable garden collaboration between BHG and Jamie Oliver, and it has all the plant suggestions and how to lay it out, etc.