Mar 2, 2011

Learning and Helping

Several years ago I saw an item called The Learning Tower that my friend, Nicki, bought for her son. She used it in her kitchen for him to watch and participate when she was cooking. I remember reading about it and not really understanding why she would actually need or want to buy such a thing. Then, after having a child of my own, I have come to realize both why someone would want and need to purchase one. Let me show you what my daughter has used in just the past week to climb on so she can watch me while I'm cooking or preparing snacks for her.

A chair from her table...

A bar stool...

And a box of garbage bags.

I don't have pictures of her using those items because as soon as I caught her on them, I made her get down. (I believe my words were, "Get down from there. RIGHT! NOW!")

So, I started looking around for the Tower and found a place with instructions for building our own. The cost of making a Tower was much less than buying one. We like to save money. But then I remembered, "Yeah, there's NO way that building something is gonna happen around here." I finally gave in and ordered her a Tower and it came in Monday. SM and Reagan put it together when he got home from work.

Actually, Reagan assembled the Tower, SM played with the bubble wrap. It was her own special way of "helping."

And she was so excited when he finished it. She can see everything from atop her Tower. All she needs now is a crown.

I can see a lot of help coming from this girl now that she's able to see what is going on in the kitchen. And who wouldn't want a little helper as cute as this?

BTW, no one told her to post like that. It's just who she is.

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Casey said...

oh wow, that is pretty neat. I wish I would have known about that tower

The Glenn Gang said...

That Nicki girl sounds awesome! She must be full of such wisdom or maybe she is just a parenting goddess! hee hee

Actually, that stupid girl got rid of her Learning Tower and desperately wishes she had one now so maybe she will follow you, the true parenting goddess and buy another one!

jan brown said...

she is precious