Mar 4, 2011

A List to Give an Update on My List

Back on January 1st I made a list of things I wanted to try to accomplish this year. One reason I did it was because our pastor spoke at the end of last year about having a vision for our future. Now, he was referring more to a spiritual vision, but I think he also talked about vision for our family and home. A vision motivates us to move forward and accomplish things. Having posted some of my "vision" for 2011 has kept me motivated so far to complete those goals.

Now, I'm sure no one who reads my blog even remembers me publishing those goals. I have to re-read them from time to time myself to remember them. So, I'm going to repost the goals (in a slightly different order) and give a quick update on how I've done so far with each.

1. Spend less time online and more time doing constructive, hands on things. I have spent a little less time online. I'm trying to trim that more and more each week. One thing that Reagan and I are making an effort to do is go to bed earlier. This cuts down on TV and computer time. Also, during the day, I'm getting out of the house more to go to the gym and spend time with friends. That, too, cuts down on computer time. I've made several crafts, like the necklace in my last post. I've also crocheted a very big, warm afghan since Jan. 1. Spending so much time at the hospital in the ICU waiting room helped me get that done. And I've done a few other crafts around the house including 2 wreaths for the front door - one for Valentine's Day and one for St. Patrick's Day.

2. Entertain more in our home. So far, because of weather and sickness, we've not done much of this in 2011. We had a few friends over to watch the Superbowl. We hope to have a few couples over in the next few months for fellowship.

3. Cook and give away at least one meal a month. The first day I had set aside to do this in 2011 was the day Reagan called me from the hospital and told me that the doctor had given his mom less than 2 days to live. I didn't cook that day and instead rushed to the hospital to be with the family. Needless to say, I've not accomplished this goal at all. We've been the ones receiving meals rather than giving them away. I did cook several casseroles earlier this week and have a couple of families in mind to pass them along to and hope to do that in the next week or so.

4. Cook more and eat out less. There have been weeks where I've done well with this and other weeks I have not. Again, back when we were at the hospital and nursing home so much in January and February, we ate out quite a bit. But, now that we have been able to get back into a little more of a routine, I'm cooking pretty much every week night.

5. Learn to use my Canon Rebel. I'm excited that I'll be attending a basic, beginners photography class one day next week. I've done some reading and playing with my camera, but I'm looking forward to learning more in this class.

6. Unpack all the boxes in storage. ZERO done here.

7. Organize the bonus room and craft room. And that brings me to the photos I'll share today. Look at these first two BEFORE pictures of the craft/sewing room. Wouldn't you say it needs a little attention?

For the past year, I've basically just dumped stuff in here that I didn't want to deal with. Makes it kind of hard to find a roll of Scotch tape when you need it. So, Monday and Tuesday I began tackling that pile of STUFF.

This is after.

I cleared out a lot of sewing supplies that I don't use. I stacked up several pillows and got rid of the coverings that I know don't go with anything in my house anymore. I'll make new coverings for those pillows and use them again.

Here's a shot from the door to the room. You can now see the beautiful floor.

From one end of the room looking to the other end.

And then standing by the sewing machine looking back to the desk area.

I plan to move the desk to the upstairs landing to make it my office area. Then, I'll move all my crafts to the end where the desk sits now. I hope to someday purchase a storage unit for all my sewing and craft supplies. The stuff on the left stays in this room. The stuff on the right either goes in storage, or to the new office area.

Here's my pile of trash after the initial clean-out.

And this is a stack of stuff I'll either post on Craig's list or donate.

We've also done some work in the bonus room. We have a small sitting area in the niche. While we work up here sometimes, we bring a small TV up and SM sits in this area and plays and watches TV.

I also purchased a pub table and chairs from a friend. We placed that in one area for playing games and eating in the future. (Our goal is to have this room ready for all the kids to play up here at Christmas when my family comes to visit.)

Reagan also installed blinds in two of the three windows. The blinds for the other window had to be special ordered, so we hope to have those soon.

So, that's a little update on my goals. Maybe in another 2-3 months I'll have a few more things accomplished.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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