Mar 14, 2011

She's Just Playing

Saturday afternoon, after we got home from Lexi's birthday party, we thought Sara Madalin would take a nap. She was so tired at the party and didn't sleep on the way home. We just knew she's go down and sleep for a couple hours. We were wrong.

So, since we couldn't get her to take a nap, we decided we'd go outside and she could play while Reagan did some things in the yard. We can't really leave her unattended while she's outside, so I just watched her and practiced using my camera while she played and Reagan worked.

Here she is climbing on her slide. I think that we'll probably get rid of her plastic Little Tykes toys soon and get her a real play set.

Here's my guy killing all those nasty weeds in my flower beds.

After spraying the flower beds, Reagan started picking up sticks and limbs in the yard from the storms of the past few weeks. SM did a great job of helping him collect them and stack them up.

This girl never walks anywhere. She's like Forrest Gump, if she's going anywhere, she's running.

She found a patch of clover and loved it because it was so soft.

Where there's clover, there are those little white flowers. I'm not sure what they are called. I know they wreak havoc on my sinuses. Well, of course, she picked some and came running and said, "I picked these for you, Mommy." How could I not take such a sweet gift?

And then, she was off again.

She played hard all afternoon and was in bed by 7:30.

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HettyA said...

I absolutely love her little rain boots! :)

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