Mar 6, 2011

That's Your Crazy Family

My Daddy has 7 sisters. Well, he had 7 sisters. Two have passed. But, when I was growing up, every time our family would gather for a holiday or my Grandmother's birthday, all 7 of those sisters would be there. And they were what my sisters and I would call "crazy". Or at least what we thought was crazy until we grew up and had families of their own. Today, we'd probably just say they were normal.

Anyway, as we were growing up, we would laugh at them and some of their stories and the things they would talk about having done as teenagers and young adults. It seemed they always had something funny to share when they were all together. Looking back, I see it was just their way of reminiscing and passing down family stories. They would imitate other people they knew as they were growing up. I have one aunt, Aunt Betty, who would imitate someone's voice. And even though I can't remember who the person was that she imitated or any of the things she said, I do remember thinking she was hilarious... and CRAZY. When one of our family members did or said something that would make us laugh or wonder what they were thinking, my sisters or I would say, "That's your crazy family." Now, we know the truth. We're all crazy. And the thing is, we own it.

When Brandi had her first child, Elijah, I would joke with him when he was old enough to talk, and tell him his Mama was crazy. He would get so upset until one day he finally said to me, "My mama not crazy. You crazy Aunt Minda." I sent him a birthday card one day and when his mama told him it was from his Aunt Minda, he looked at her with a questioning expression on his face and said, "Crazy Aunt Minda?" She laughed and said, "Yeah, that's the one."

And do you know what the funny thing is? We now see that crazy (as we call it) coming out in our kids. Brandi's birthday was Friday and Reagan, my Daddy, SM and I went up to see them Friday night. When I got up Saturday morning, this is what greeted me in the hall.

That's my "crazy" daughter. In her pajamas and a Batman costume, bouncing down the hall as if it's all perfectly normal.

Oh, but then, I went into the living room and standing right outside the back door was this guy.

That's Storm Trooper Jeremiah. (And cute little Amandah looking out the door at him.) Again, normal for someone dressed like a Storm Trooper to be walking around the neighborhood, door-to-door? Well, it is if you're part of our family.

Yes, it's pretty evident that our "crazy" has definitely been picked up by these two. They are, as we say in the Deep South, "two peas in a pod."

And don't let either of those sweet little smiles fool you. You cannot turn your back on these two for one minute. And if I was a betting woman, I'd say that as they grow older, they are going to whisper about me and my sisters and say, "That's your crazy family."

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