Mar 30, 2011

Wind and Hail

Tuesday evening was something around here y'all! All the way home from class I saw one lightning strike after another. Reagan called me and said that he and Sara Madalin had gotten caught in a hail storm on the way home from Martha and Dewayne's. It was looking like the night was going to be pretty bad.

I got home and went to put SM to bed. As I was lying there with her, I heard the thunder getting louder and more frequent. And the lightning... oh, the lightning. Then, it sounded like the rain turned to hail. SM was asleep by that time so I went to the living room and told Reagan to look outside and see if it was hailing. But he didn't have time because the power went out. Then, we could tell the wind picked up and he said, "Go get Sara Madalin." I ran to her room and got her, and we all scooted into our laundry room, which is the inner most room in our house. We sat there as we heard what sounded like our house being beaten and ripped apart. It only lasted a couple minutes and it was a pretty scary couple minutes. Once we realized the wind had died down, we came out. I put SM back in her bed. (She had slept the entire time in my arms.) Then, I was curious to see if any damage had been made to those plants I had shown in my last blog post. So, I walked to the front door and that's when we knew something was wrong.

The floor near the front door was covered in water all the way from the door to our rug. I opened the door and saw hail all on the front walk and porch. Both my big potted plants were blown over and dirt was everywhere. Then we looked to the left of the door and saw one of our big wooden shutters blown down.

It was ripped off the house and blown into that column. It hit so hard that it moved the column a few inches.

My plants made it... my pots didn't.

We were without power from about 9:30 Tuesday night until about 3:00 Wednesday afternoon. When we got up we could see a little more clearly. All SM's yard toys were blown all over the yard. One of her toys was blown into and across the lake.

Some of the awning was blown off our back porch.

This next picture shows her swing wrapped around a limb on the opposite side of the tree from which it was hanging.

When she saw it in the tree like that Wednesday morning, she kept saying, "Uh-oh, Mommy. My swing Mommy. Uh-oh Mommy." She was so funny.

We had a little damage to our roof as well.

But just like any other storm, literal and figurative, that seems to come along, we are pressing on. Reagan spent most of the day Wednesday getting in touch with insurance agents, roofers, and other men who repair all kinds of things.

And I went and bought a couple new pots for the front porch. Cause when a storm hits, I do what I can to help pick up the pieces.

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Mandy's Memories said...

wow! What a blessing you are safe!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Whoa how scary! Glad you guys made it through the storm unscathed!