Apr 9, 2011

Dinner on the water

We went over to Sue-Sue's this afternoon so I could take a few pictures of Sara Madalin in her Easter dress (I'll post those some time in the next few weeks). After we finished, we went to eat with Susan and David at a local restaurant on the water. It was the first time we've taken Sara Madalin. There are ducks in the water nearby and she did not want to go in to eat until she could go see the ducks. Here she is walking to the water with Dae-Dae.

She was so excited about the ducks.



We had to promise her that we'd come back after dinner so she could feed the ducks, just so we could go in to eat. Dinner was good and so was our girl. Well, after a small meltdown at the beginning of the evening. But after a quick trip to the bathroom corner, she was an angel.

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The White's said...

glad to see her still getting to wear her dress. I noticed you monogrammed it, love it! Were you eating at Cock of the Walk? We soo wanted to go there on our trip home but didn't make it. It will be top of my list for October. Maybe you all could join us? :-)

Ashley said...

How fun! What a cute outfit too ;)