Apr 21, 2011

Mrs. She-wah

Sara Madalin's daycare had their Easter program and egg hunt today. But, because of swimming lessons, she wasn't able to be there for it. Normally, we would have just skipped lessons for the week. But, this also happens to be her last week of lessons for this session. So, we decided to just go by the daycare on our way to lessons and drop off her contribution to the party and see everyone really quickly. Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. Sheila. SM calls her She-wah because she pronounces "l" like a "w." I think it's cute and really don't want her to grow out of it. But I know she will all too soon. Anyway, here she is with She-wah and her other classmates.

(If you're wondering why SM was looking over to the side like that and not at the camera, I had just set down treat bags for her classmates on a table right outside my frame. She was much more interested in the candy in those bags than taking a sweet picture for me.)

She loves Sheila. Sheila has told me she really likes SM too. She is the one who told me that SM and Charlie have "personality." Then, she followed that up by saying those with personality are usually the most fun. She's very sweet and loving to our little girl and we have really liked having SM in her class these past few months.

And because he wouldn't let me get out without it, I took a quick picture of SM's friend Chah-wee as well.

I hate that she missed the egg hunt, especially since this will be the last holiday that she gets to celebrate with her friends there (aside from her birthday party there in a few weeks). But I know that she'll have a couple more opportunities to hunt eggs this weekend. She'll most likely be in a sugar coma by the end of the weekend. And I'll be in a straight jacket.

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