Apr 3, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Every Spring I think my favorite blooming flowers are the azalea bushes here in the South. We (Reagan and I) have never planted any of these bushes, but I'm hoping to someday. I just love seeing the bushes full or big, colorful flowers. Our girl loves them too.

Our church is in a downtown area and we walk about 1/2 a block from our parking lot to the church. Along that walk are several azalea bushes. This morning they were all in full bloom. I had forgotten my camera at home, but Reagan managed to get a few good pictures with his phone. Sara Madalin was more than willing to pose and pick a few of the "fwowers" after church. She picked one for me and one for Sue-Sue.




Several people were walking to their cars as she posed for these pictures. A number of them stopped to comment on her curls. One older gentleman said, "That sure is a lot of pink in those pictures." Yes, it is. And a lot of prissiness to go with it.

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Ashley said...

These pics are AMAZING! She is so beutiful! Her little cheeks are so cute and rosey it looks like she has a little blush on ;)

bella said...

Those photos are beautiful! She is so pretty in that darling smocked dress with the gorgeous flowers. It's frame worthy!