May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I prayed so many years to be a mother. Not to miraculously get pregnant, or have a baby - but to be someone's mother. And now, here I am, blessed every day for almost 3 years now, to be the momma of a girl that keeps me on my toes. A girl that loves for me to sing her to sleep. A girl that is hooked on doughnut holes. A girl that is growing up much too fast for her momma's heart to take at times. I was telling Reagan just yesterday, this will probably be the last Summer that we'll look at her as a baby. This time next year, she will be so different; she'll be such a big girl.

I'm so blessed to be her momma. I'm so grateful to God and her birth family for everything we've been able to experience as her parents. And though I am sometimes criticized by "Anonymous", and I even have moments where I allow him or her to get under my skin, I'm thankful that I have been able to record so much of the things from her life that have changed our lives as parents these past three years. I'm thankful that she'll have her blog to look back on to see just how much she changed our lives. And I'm glad she'll be able to see just how much I enjoyed every day that I've been her momma.

This year, for Mother's Day, Reagan gave me a gift that I've wanted for some time. It's a book printed from this blog. I've been talking about printing and binding the blog for awhile. There's so much of it that it will take several bindings and quite a bit of money. Reagan decided to get started on that project, without my knowledge, and he gave me the first edition of our blog bound in book form. I was so happy, and surprised, when I opened it earlier this week.

And, just as I hoped she would, Sara Madalin enjoyed looking through the book with me.

She kept pointing to pictures and saying, "Dat me, Mommy?"

I loved looking at the pictures with her and telling her what she was doing in each one.

Reagan was only able to print the first three months of the blog, but I expect him to work on the remainder for us a little at a time in the future. He's got a way to go. As of this post, I've published 1,000 posts on A Gift Worth the Wait. That's a lot of photos and silly stories about our family. A family that I am so grateful for, and so proud of.

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Rebecca Crosby (Mt. Zion Baptist Church) said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Malinda. I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry. But they all touch me in some way. Just wanted to let you know that! I hope you have an awesome day with your beautiful little girl.

Laura said...

You are a WONDERFUL mother, Malinda! Happy Mother's Day!

The Stairs Family said...

Happy Mothers day Malinda!!!

I'm not what company you used to print your book, but I use and print my blog out a year at a time. I just received by 2010 book in the mail and it's 360 pages with over 2,900 pictures!! The total cost, with tax and shipping, was around $90. It's a small price for all those precious memories!! I'm gonna do a post about my book this week so if you're interested, check my blog for pictures and more details!

Penny said...

I love how you said that you simply asked God to make you a mother! So sweet! And you have your answered prayer right beside you! Reagan is such a good hubby to do that for you. Happy Mother's Day! :)
And to "anonymous"~ you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Melinda, don't give him/her another second of your thoughts. Just pray for them.