May 24, 2011

Somebody Pinched Me (3-year Well Child Check-up)

I took Sara Madalin for her 3-year well baby/child visit today. She was not very excited about going to see the doctor. She remembered the last time she was sick and they pricked her finger and stuck a swab in her nose. She told us she didn't want them to stick anything in her nose. We told her that the nurse was just going to weigh her and see how tall she was. Then, Dr. Dennis was going to look in her mouth and ears. She said, "I don't wike Dr. Dennis. He mean." She was just trying to find a reason to add a little drama to the situation. She's very good at that.

She and I arrived at the doctor's office just a few minutes our appointment. She had a couple minutes to play and ask about everything in the waiting room. And I'm not sure if all of you are aware or not, but 3-years-old is when you begin carrying your own purse to the doctor's office. We don't go many places without it.

Just as we told her, the nurse weighed her. She weighs 30 pounds. At birth, she weighed 5 lbs. and 14 oz. So, she's gained a little weight these past few years, but not too much.

Then, the nurse measured her height. She is 39 inches tall. Dr. Dennis couldn't believe how tall she is. He said she's grown 5 inches in the past year and is now in the 90th percentile on height. So, she's tall and thin. I told him that we are hoping that height comes in handy when it's time for her to start basketball.

At first, she wasn't sure about Dr. Dennis. She hasn't seen him in a year. And, he's grown a little extra facial hair. She DOES NOT like facial hair. She doesn't have a problem with boys or men, unless they have facial hair. But, after a few tickles, she warmed up to Dr. Dennis.

We talked about several things. One being her tubes that we placed in her ears at 1-year-old. He said that the one in her right ear is still there. The left one has come out of the spot where it was placed and is in the canal. He said it should come out completely soon.

Another thing we talked about was potty training. She knows when she has to go. She will stay dry in a pull-up and will only go in the potty if we promise a prize or candy. And when she has to do #2, she always goes to hide. So, it's not that she isn't recognizing when she has to go. It's just that it's more convenient for her to go in a pull-up. I've not put her in panties full-time because her daycare wants her in pull-ups until she goes in the potty and has no accidents. I've sent her in panties and they've told me to bring pull-ups. (This is her last week there, by the way.) He told me to get rid of the pull-ups (except at bedtime). He said that as long as she wears those she's going to go in them. So, this afternoon, I've put her in panties. She's wet one pair and pooped in another pair. And she's whined and begged for a pull-up. But, she's also told me more than once when she has had to go potty. Hopefully we'll get through this potty training once and for all in the next few weeks. It may be a little difficult, but it has to be done.

Finally, I shared with him that she's started getting up and coming into our bed at night. And not only is she doing that, she wakes up every hour to two hours wanting milk. It's almost like we have a newborn again. Only, we never went through this when she was a newborn. She slept 4-5 hours a night from the beginning and slept through the night (with the exception of teething) from 6 weeks on, until she was put in a single bed to sleep. Once she was in the single bed, she started getting up and coming into our bed. I can't remember when we last had a semi-full night's sleep. Up until now, we just didn't fight too hard on her sleeping in her bed. (To be honest, we both kind of like having her in there with us.) We put a pallet down and she'll sleep there some. But the past few weeks, she's slept almost solely in our bed. So, add her being in our bed to her getting up at least 3-4 times wanting milk, and we are not getting any sleep. Dr. Dennis said it's time to fight the battle. First, no milk after dinner. If she is thirsty (and that's what she tells me when I've told her no milk during the night), she can have a sip of water and then she is to go back to bed. He said to let her know before bedtime that she can either sleep in her bed or on the pallet. She cannot get in the bed with us anymore. (Not only is she going to cry, I am too.) He said that it is better to fight this battle now, rather than later. He said that he has friends whose child slept with them until that child went to college. I pray I don't eat these words, but we are NOT doing that. So, for the next few weeks, I'm sure that I'll get little sleep because I'm going to have to fight her to stay either on the pallet or her bed. And fight her to break her from the milk habit. Fun!

I think I've said this before, but parenting was so much easier before she started talking and walking. I'm sad about her not sleeping with us anymore. Even though we're not getting much sleep, I love having her in the bed next to us. But, at the same time, I know she needs to be dependent enough to sleep on her own. So, please pray for me. Potty training. Sleeping changes. Breaking the habit of milk at night. Oh, and I'm trying to see if cutting her daytime nap is going to help with sleeping too. She did not take a nap today, so I'll let you know how that works. And can I just say, she is a joy to be around when she doesn't have a nap. Only, not really.

Here's a little video of her right before we left the dr.'s office. She had to have a little booster shot. She said the nurse (girwl) pinched her. She is a drama queen. (And, for those keeping score, I tell people she looks like Reagan, but acts just like me - cranky with no nap - drama - all my good qualities.) Enjoy the video.

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Amanda said...

so glad she's doing well. i loved the video, that is too sweet. her hair is so pretty! good luck with potty training, sleeping, and breaking the milk habit. you'll do great!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Good luck with bed time. Baylee has only slept with us a handful of times. The reason being is that my sister slept with my parents until she was 11 or 12. I said, "this is not happening with our child." Now when she is sick or we are staying with my parents and she has to sleep in the same bed we all have trouble sleeping :)

LisaAnne said...

I love all the pictures and that video was precious.

Sounds like it will be a week of adventure at your house this week.

Stay strong!

Jana said...

O my word you have to do all that NOW! Can't some wait and take one step at a time! Poor baby(no not you, I am talking about SM!!) No wonder I haven't talked to you this week! Ha!