Jun 3, 2011

The Blue Blur

So, Sara Madalin's little dance recital was this morning. As one of my friends said on Facebook, good thing I got that video yesterday.

As soon as she saw me walk in the door, she went WILD. I don't know why she does that. I've watched her when she couldn't see me, and she danced and followed instruction. But, when I'm in her presence, she thinks anything goes. I almost didn't even post pictures or video of the recital. I try very hard to maintain a perfect image of our family for our blog readers (ahem), and I knew posting these photos and video would just shatter that image. But, I guess I have to humble myself and show you what we really deal with on a daily basis around here. (I'm being sarcastic for those who have a little trouble reading between the lines.) So, here are a few photos. In most of them SM is just a blue blur. But she's there.

In this first picture, she was actually dancing. Then, she spotted me. It was all downhill from there.



I think she may have actually been doing the move she was supposed to be doing in this next photo.


This was not how they practiced it.

I stopped taking photos after that.

Thanks to our friend Curt for taking this picture. Curt, whose daughter, Mollie, performed PERFECTLY.

I brought her a rose. We told her to pose with it and this is what we got.

Headed to the bathroom to change. She was running. Still.

And my favorite part of ballet camp - the nap after.

I took a couple videos. One was cut short by her coming over and knocking my phone out of my hand. This was of their little dance. As you can see, Sara Madalin had a solo. Only, not really.

She has a soccer camp in a few weeks. I'm thinking that might be a little more her cup of tea.

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Courtney said...

Oh bless your heart. My nephew does the same thing when he is on stage. Our family is still embarrassed from his "performance" in the Thanksgiving program at our church.

Danielle Taylor said...

Ha! I'm sorry but when she yells "NO!" it is so cute!!

Malinda said...

In Sara Madalin's defense, it wasn't her yelling no. It was a little boy behind me.

Penny said...

Dear Sara Madalyn,
In the future when you read these posts, I just want you to know that even though we've never met IRL, I am enjoying you! LOL You, with your little high-spirited, strong-willed make me laugh every time I read your Mom's blog. I LOVED your solo~ very graceful. :)
With Love, Your Biggest Fan,
Mrs. Penny
I LOVE this! That kid is so funny! Just imagine how much enthusiastically she is going to serve her God one day! :) Seriously, she is not one that will be easily shaken! :)
But God bless you in the meantime. ;)