Jun 29, 2011

Dog Days of Summer


Isn't she too cute? She's growing far too fast for her momma's heart.

We have had a pretty slow week around here. She went with me to the gym Monday morning, then to the grocery store. She loves going to the grocery store with me because she gets to ride in the car-cart while I shop, then she gets to ride the pony outside as we're leaving. She also asks a million questions. But that's true with anything we do, not just grocery shopping.

Tuesday, we went to the gym again, then over to the library where we checked out a few more books. Then, today, we visited the park. There's a nice little park not far from our house. I'm planning on taking her there some in the coming weeks so I can walk and she can play. We have to go early in the morning though, cause it is HOT! Whew!

We are kind of finding a nice little routine to our summer and enjoying our time together. I'm going to miss her when she goes to school this Fall. That's one (of a few) reason(s) I've not blogged as much this summer. I'm trying to enjoy these last few moments of her being a baby and her enjoying her time with me.

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Jennifer said...

Yes, she's a southern doll for sure...all those golden curls.