Jun 13, 2011

First Trip to the Library

I have been planning to take Sara Madalin to the local library for a while. I always loved going to the library during Summer break as a child. We didn't have summer reading lists then, but I loved (and still love) to read, so I would check out at least 4 or 5 books every week or so and read them from cover to cover. I don't seem to have that much free time to read any more, but I do read to Sara Madalin every night before she goes to bed. I thought she might like to visit the library and check out a few books we don't have at home.

Either she was overwhelmed by the fact that she could pick up ANY book she wanted, or she has a touch of A-D-D, or both of those things - because she must have pulled at least 15 books off the shelf while we were there. I kept telling her to let me read the title of the book to see if she was really interested in it before she pulled it off the shelf. I think she really enjoyed her first visit. Here she is with the three books we decided to check out for her this week.

And here she is outside the library as we were leaving.

I let her hold one of the books in the back seat on the way home. She "read" all the way to the grocery store. I told her she had to be very careful with the books we check out from the library, and that if she tears one, she has to take the money from HER piggy bank to pay for it. She said, "No." Needless to say, she has been very careful with her books.

The librarian also gave her a little booklet to fill out with the titles of the books she reads this summer. I will definitely fill it out and keep it for her to look back on someday.

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blessedmomto8 said...

HOW FUN IS THAT? I love the library but my 7 aren't well enough controlled for me to take and stay sane quite yet! :)