Jun 14, 2011


We stayed home today. I've been sick the past couple days and I think Sara Madalin might not feel so well either, or maybe she's just tired. She was pretty whiney on Monday and REALLY whiney by Tuesday morning. Either way, I could tell that she and I needed a day of rest at home. So, we stayed around here all day. That doesn't make for much to write about, but it sure does make for better attitudes by the end of the day.

I let her watch a little TV while I cleaned this morning. Around 10:30 we went outside so she could play in her pool for awhile. I watered plants and picked a few tomatoes while she played. By lunch time, her attitude was completely different. We ate and I read to her and put her down for a nap. She was still asleep when our Tuesday afternoon babysitter arrived. I'm attending a class on Tuesday nights, so I have a sitter that comes in early afternoon to give me some time before my class to get a few errands run. It's been such a blessing to have just those few hours to get a few things done that I can't get done with a 3-year-old. And Sara Madalin loves the young girl who is sitting with her. She sent me a text Tuesday evening, when they were building tents in the living room. Sara Madalin loves playing with her.

By the time I got home, she had turned into the sweetest, most well mannered little girl you could meet. I'm not sure if it was the rest, or the sitter that changed her attitude. Maybe a little of both. She and I both bathed and got ready for bed. While Reagan worked in the living room, I put her to bed. We read and sang and then she wanted to talk. Among other things, she asked me to see if I could find her some "wed" (red) silly putty next week. (I had bought her some silly putty today when I was in Hobby Lobby.) Then she said, "Can you get me some new panties?" I said, "I think I probably can." Then, "Dora ones." I said, "I bet I can find some Dora panties somewhere." She said, "Maybe Target." I just giggle and said, "Yes, I feel certain that I can find them at Target." I just kissed her on the forehead and thought, "I'm going to miss this one day - lying in the bed with her as she goes to sleep, and having these sweet end of the day conversations." That's why I'm so grateful to my husband and our God (even on the toughest of days) that I can be home with her while I can.

And because I didn't take any pictures of her today, here's one from Sunday evening as we headed out to church. Thanks Nick-Nick for the tutu. She loves it.

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