Jul 15, 2011

Silly Goose

This has been another slow week around our house. Well, aside from Wednesday. We took my car to the dealer on Wednesday morning for a routine check-up. They were also going to replace a seal around my sunroof because of a recall notice on that particular vehicle. We dropped it off, then took Reagan to work so we'd have a car. About mid-day, Reagan called and said he had good news and bad news. He said the good news was that I'd have a loaner car for about a week. So, I asked, "Well, what is the bad news then?" He said, after they fixed my roof, they took it for a drive to see if there was any rattling or wind noise. While they were out, it quit on them. Just quit on the side of the road. We'd had no warning lights come on before we left it with them. I'd not heard or felt anything out of the ordinary. But, when they got it back to the dealership, after having it towed, they discovered it had "thrown a rod" (whatever that is) and now we have to have a new motor. Luckily, it was on their watch, so we didn't have to pay for the tow truck. And secondly, it is still under some kind of warranty, so we don't have to pay for the motor.

So, now I'm driving a loaner car. But Wednesday night we were still a one-car family and SM and I had to pick up Reagan from work. We had basically spent the day at home, so she had on a t-shirt and shorts. (And crazy hair. She almost always has crazy hair.) But before we left, I told her to go get some shoes on so we could go pick up Daddy. She went to her room them came running out exclaiming, "Deese are so cute Mommy! Do you wike dem?" She's was referring to the boots she'd found and put on. Her sense of style makes me giggle.

She rarely goes out without a purse these days. This is one that Reagan brought home from his Dad's last weekend. It was Mrs. Brown's. And I never know what she's got in there. Sometimes it's shoes. Sometimes it's a baby doll. We went to the store another day this week and when I opened her purse, she'd brought along about 5 pairs of underwear in it. (From the house, not the store.)

When I saw her dressed with those boots and that purse above, I told her, "Come on silly goose. Let's go get your Daddy." I love having a girl with so much personality.

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She's a trip! I've got a seven year old grandson spending the night. He came wearing a camo flipflop and a blue one with red skulls. He said, "I like them better this way." LOL Gotta love a character. :)