Jul 27, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

I had forgotten I had this photo until I ran across it today. I had to post it because these two sitting still is a rare occasion. Them sitting still together is even more rare.

Reagan snapped this with his phone one evening last week. He was setting up some electronic equipment for B.B and Scooter and SM was with him. She loves going to B.B.'s and playing with the toys, and eating her food, and bossing Scooter around. She had brought this book from the playroom and somehow talked Scooter into reading it to her. He has 3 daughters and now 3 grandsons. I think he might have a soft spot for the girls though based on this photo.

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1 comment:

Jana said...

Its a book on numbers! Scooter is teaching her to count pills already!