Jul 6, 2011

A Visit from Nana

This past Sunday afternoon we had a very special visit from Sara Madalin's Nana as we spent some time swimming at Susan's. She had sent me a message earlier in the week and said she was going to be in the area visiting family and friends this past weekend. She wanted to know if we had a little time for her to visit with Sara Madalin. Because of her busy weekend and a few things we had planned, the only time we had was right before she headed home on Sunday afternoon. We didn't have church Sunday night, so we went to Susan's after lunch. SM and I took a little nap, then we all headed out to the pool to play. SM was soaking wet by the time Nana arrived, but it didn't stop the loving and the kisses that Nana got from our girl.

It was funny when we were talking about how Sara Madalin fights sleep, and Nana told us about how she used to have to drive Sayra (Sara Madalin's birthmom) around in the car to get her to go to sleep. I told her to tell Sayra that we are getting her payback. She also told me how Sayra, who Sara Madalin gets all that curly hair from, was about Sara Madalin's age when her older sister, Stephanie, cut her (Sayra's) hair one day. She said, "I just cried and cried." I am hoping that little bit of history doesn't repeat itself. I am pretty sure I would cry as well.

We had a really good visit and Nana just kept talking about how pretty SM is and how smart and fearless she was. We are all so proud of that little girl. And we hope to see Nana and the rest of the family again soon.

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LisaAnne said...

How wonderful! I am so glad that she made the trip and got the visit. Hooray for all of you for sharing your precious child.