Aug 25, 2011

Friendship Award

When I picked Sara Madalin up from school today her teacher told me that she'd had a "Great Day!" That always makes me smile when I hear she's enjoyed herself and been good for her teacher.

I always pray extra hard on the days she stays for Lunch Bunch because I know she usually fights sleep, then if she doesn't get a nap, she's pretty cranky by the time I pick her up. But today, when I came through the building and out to the playground, I saw her in a mini-coupe playing and smiling like she was the happiest little girl in the world. I got her attention, told her how much I missed her today and how happy I was to see her. That's when her teacher told me she'd had a great day, and that she had even napped some for her. I immediately told Sara Madalin how proud I was of her. But then, I got an even better surprise - SM had won her very first Friendship Award.


I asked her later why she had won the award. She said, " Cause me and Isabel built together." When I asked her what they built, she said, "A tower! For Rapunzel." I think the award was for playing so well with another child. Which is a great improvement for her. I'm proud of her. And I'm glad to see her rewarded for good behavior.

We are so happy to see how much she has already learned and changed in the past couple weeks. We're learning a lot too. One very important lesson we've learned in the past couple weeks is just how important it is to pray for her. Every. Day. There have been a couple of rough days getting used to schedule changes and sleeping changes and such. Our little girl is being asked to grow and adapt a lot. She's doing well. But she is 3. There have been moments when she's had ENOUGH. But, we've seen already, when we pray for her, and encourage her, she does handle changes so much better.

Have I mentioned how proud Reagan and I are of her? Cause we are.

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The Glenn Gang said...

You are my friend!

I will give you a friendship award.

Ms. Shirley said...

Sweet Post!!! You all are a precious family of three! May God continue to bless you all!

Penny said...

So sweet! Tell SM I'm proud of her, too! ;) It IS so important to pray for her every day~ wish I'd been more committed to praying for mine when they were growing up. You and Reagan are the best parents. :)

The Crawfords said...

I was amazed at how she's grown when I had her tonight!! She was so funny! I haven't really had her in a class of mine in about a year. She was such a sweet girl and did great!! It's amazing how quickly these kiddos are growing!