Aug 17, 2011

The only thing better... seeing "Uncle" Dan too

My friend Nicki and her boys have been in town visiting family and friends this past week. She wanted us to get together for dinner this evening but we would have had to wait until about 7:30 or 8:00, and with Sara Madalin in school now, I told her we couldn't do that. So, instead, SM and I made plans to meet them this afternoon. Only, I hadn't told SM we were going to see them. I wanted her to be surprised. I thought if she knew we were going to see them, I'd have to deal with the same thing I dealt with the night before school started - a girl so excited that she couldn't sleep. But this afternoon, at nap time, she just would not settle down and sleep. So, I told her that if she couldn't go to sleep for rest time, that we couldn't go see her surprise this afternoon. Well, of course she wanted to know what the surprise was. I finally told her that we were going to see Jonah and Mrs. Nicki and Micah. She said to me, "And Uncle Dan too?"

Dan is Nicki's husband. He is in no way related to us. I told Reagan and Nicki about her saying that and then told them, "She doesn't even call her real uncles, "uncle." I had to break her heart and tell her that Dan wouldn't be there.

Our plans changed from us meeting at Backyard Burger and letting the kids play, to us meeting at her MIL's house. I told SM we were going to see them and she could play with Jonah for a while. Then she asked if she could play in Jonah's room. I had to explain to her that we weren't actually going to Florida to play at Jonah's house, but rather, we were visiting him at his Gigi's house just a few minutes away.

She finally settled down for a nap (for about 45 minutes, but I'll take it). When she woke up, we got ready and headed to see them. Nicki and I both tried to video them when they saw each other, but it was nothing exciting. They both just kind of looked at each other and grinned. Then Sara Madalin noticed Micah and tried to bear hug him. The next hour and 15 minutes basically consisted of me chasing SM and trying to keep her out of things, and Nicki trying to have some kind of conversation with me as I did.

Right before we (SM and I) left for church, I took a picture of her and Jonah together. You can tell she warmed up to him a bit by the end of the visit.


Nicki told Jonah, "Hold Sara Madalin's hand." He was a little shy about it. She wasn't.


Even though our visit was short, it is always good to spend time with them. We are thankful for their fun little family and grateful that they consider us close enough friends to keep in touch with us through the years. The only thing that would have made the visit better was if Reagan had been there to cook and watch the kids so Nicki and I could have visited more, and for Sara Madalin to see her Uncle Dan.

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