Sep 8, 2011

ComputerTots & A Little About K3 So Far

I arrived to pick Sara Madalin up today just as she and a couple of her friends were finishing up their first computer class. She will take a computer class for an hour on Thursday afternoons. We've let her play on our phones and Reagan's iPad, but she hasn't learned to use a laptop or desktop computer yet. We thought it would be good for her to take this class in preparation for work we're sure she'll be doing in the next few years.

And, the sooner she learns to use a computer, the sooner her Daddy can put her to work filling prescriptions at the store. It's all part of the grand plan of putting her to work. Just kidding. At least, her Momma is just kidding.

Anyway, here she is with two of her classmates and their computer teacher, Mrs. Liz. They were playing on the iPad today.


And here's a picture of her with Mrs. Liz at the end of their class.


I should note, for those who might think otherwise, I didn't dress her in those clothes when she left home this morning. She had a little accident on the playground this morning and Miss Melodi had to change her into a back-up pair of pants that I had sent at the beginning of school. Then, when their computer teacher came, she brought them all t-shirts and they put those on over their clothes. But even dressed like that, she's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

She told me when I showed up that she didn't want to go with me, she wanted to "work" some more. I'm glad she enjoyed herself so much. I know one of the little girls in the picture with her. She goes to church with us. But the other little girl, I wasn't sure of her name. So, I asked Sara Madalin who she was. She said, "I can't tell you." I said, "Why?" She said, "Because it's a secret."

Um..., ok.

I want to mention (mainly, because in the future, I want to look back on at least one post about K3 and be reminded) that she has been really good this week. Last week was not such a good week. I won't even blog about what all happened last week. I don't think I'll need a blog post to remember it. I will mention that I received my first call from the preschool director last week, after which I had my first preschool mommy meltdown. At one point last week, I was in tears asking her teacher, "Is she not ready for this? Do I need to keep her home?" She assured me that Sara Madalin was in the right place, and that she needed the routine and boundaries that they were working to teach her there. And even in just one week since that moment, I have seen a great improvement in Sara Madalin's attitude and disposition. It probably hasn't hurt much that Reagan prays for her every morning before we leave, and throughout the day I pray (aloud) through this list. Numbers 5 and 14 are the ones I've prayed most strongly recently. Little by little she is learning self-control and manners and even a little bit of patience. She's still her strong-willed, free-spirited self, but she is growing up a little too. I'm really proud of the change I'm seeing in her.

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Lorri Wyndham said...


We here at Computer Explorers corporate are so happy that Sara is enjoying her Computertots classes.

Thank you for the kind words and we are glad that CT has a wonderful new friend in your daughter. They look GREAT together in the photos.