Nov 9, 2011

"Am I going to get a shot?"

Tuesday night our little girl did not feel or sleep well. She tossed and turned until about 4:00 a.m. She has had a cough and some congestion for a few days. Tuesday night she just coughed and coughed and was really whiney. We took her temperature and it was around 99. Reagan gave her a little Motrin and something for her cough. And then she just couldn't be happy unless I was holding her. (I knew for certain she was sick then.) I sat down on her pallet and held and rocked her for awhile. Finally, we put her in the bed with us. She slept until about 8:00.

Reagan called the pediatrician and made an appointment for her and I carried her in for him to check her breathing and ears. She asked everyone from the receptionist to every nurse she saw, "Am I going to get a shot?" Since her fever was down, she appeared to be fine. She played in the exam room while we waited on her doctor.


She pretended to be Spiderman and climbed up on the exam table.


He examined her and said she had an ear infection and he put her on an antibiotic. She DID NOT get a shot. And on the way out the door, she made sure I didn't miss that bit of information. She was pretty happy she made it out without getting "pinched" as she also refers to it.

She was also happy about the sucker and sticker she got from the receptionist on our way out. As I checked out, the receptionist handed me a Princess sticker and a sucker for SM. I said, "Come look Sara Madalin. You got a sticker!" She said, "Is it Spiderman?" I sighed and said, "No." Then I turned to the receptionist and said, "You wouldn't happen to have a Spiderman sticker would you?" Turns out she did. So, our sweet, girly-girl got a Spiderman sticker. She is going to drive her mommy mad with this Spiderman obsession.


Maybe it's because I'm her mommy, but I can tell just by looking at that pictures that she doesn't feel well. Her little eyes show it.

After leaving the clinic, we headed to see her daddy and get her medicine. She has spent most of the day resting and playing around the house. Hopefully the ear infection will clear up in a couple days and she can enjoy herself as we visit with friends this weekend.

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