Nov 26, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Sara Madalin is very excited about Christmas decorating this year. She has loved helping me get things out and put up around the house. I let her decorate her own tree (almost) completely on her own in her room for the first time. It's white with pink ornaments. (I will post pictures of it later in the season, along with our family tree and the tree I've put up to hold her handmade ornaments from church and school.)

Friday, we made a few more ornaments for her tree. I simply bought some NON-BREAKABLE (a key consideration when I buy anything these days) clear balls and some pink iridescent shredded gift filler. We opened up the balls and filled them with the pink, sparkly filler. And by "we" I mean me. Sara Madalin just played with the sparkly filler while I tried to get it into the little holes of the balls. Here's a shot I took of some of the filler. It was a mess all over the table and floor by the time she was done with it.


Here's one of her finished balls. I did 6 total. They look really cute on her tree.


I thought about adding some polka dot or initial stickers to them. But I think they look cute simply with the filler in them.

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Penny said...

They look really cute as is! If you wanted to monogram them, you wouldn't have to do but a few and strategically place them. :)