Nov 8, 2011

We Voted

I took Sara Madalin with me to vote today. And EVERYONE in the precinct knew we'd been there by the time we left.


She wanted to touch the voting screen for me and vote "by myself!" By the time I was on the last voting screen, she was screaming, "Wet me do it! Wet me do it!"

I thought we were going to make it out without much more of a scene than that. I was wrong.

One of the precinct workers saw her and said, "Oh, she's so pretty. Did she get a sticker?" After that, there was no leaving without getting A STICKER. When the worker, at first, couldn't find the stickers, SM fell OUT in the floor, face down, and gave an Emmy-worthy performance of a child DYING of neglect. Well, the poor worker said that she just couldn't have that baby crying over not getting a sticker. The stickers were quickly found and SM got up off that floor like she'd never shed a tear.

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