Dec 7, 2011

Chocolate is everywhere!

I mentioned in a previous post that Sara Madalin's Elf had come to visit last week. He came on December 1st while she was at school. He brought with him a note and a wrapped gift. Here he is hanging out waiting for her to come home from school.


When she realized he was here, she just didn't know what to do. She's at that age when she doesn't know how to react to something, she just gets silly. So, once she got the sillies out, I told her what the note said. It just told her that he had come from Santa and would visit her during the month of December. He also said that he had brought her a gift to make her Christmas season special and that as long as she was well-behaved and good, that he would bring her something every day until Christmas. Here she is opening the first gift from her Elf.


(I know the hair is a big distraction, but please tell me you noticed the shoes. Yes, they are on the wrong feet. She cracks me up with those things. She insists on wearing them ALL THE TIME. I think it's because she can put them on so easily by herself. When I tell her we are about to go anywhere, or when she pretends that she is shopping with her babies - as she was that day - she puts those things on.)

The Elf had brought her a book (that she never even realized we'd read last year) that told her a little about himself.


Once she finished opening it, we read the book. The most important things I told her to remember was that we couldn't touch the elf (or his magic would leave and he'd go back to Santa and never come back to us) and we had to name him. You will NEVER guess what she wanted to name him.


I said no.

Her next suggestion was Chocolate. So, we now have an Elf named Chocolate that we look for every day. He even paid a visit to us while we were gone out of town this past weekend. While Reagan and Sara Madalin were bringing our bags up to our hotel room Saturday night, Chocolate dropped in to have a cup of coffee. When Sara Madalin realized he was in our room, she was all silly again. She just couldn't believe he was there - somewhere other than our house. After bringing our luggage to our room Reagan let her hop on the luggage trolley (she loves to ride it when he uses one) and go with him to put it back downstairs. He said there was a little old man in the lobby and as they passed him, Sara Madalin yelled out to him, "Chocolate is everywhere!" The little man just smiled and said, "Really?" Reagan said he tried to tell the man that she was referring to her Elf, but he's pretty sure the little man had no idea what Reagan was talking about.

Chocolate has brought some really great books to Sara Madalin and she is enjoying him and them.

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Carrie said...

I love that SM's elf is named Chocolate! Allie Claire named our elf "Shelbie." Go figure? Surely my girl has not watched Steel Magnolias behind my back?!