Dec 10, 2011

Christmas Challenge: Away in a Manger

This is the Nativity set that Reagan bought me one of our first Christmases as a married couple. He bought the manger scene first, then added the other barn yard scene and a few of the animals later. This is one of my favorite decorations that I put out at Christmas. It is currently set up in the dining area. I keep thinking that one year I'm going to get creative and add some little trees or something, but I never have. I think it's special just as it is.


This is Sara Madalin's nativity that is on her dresser in her room. It is plastic. She enjoys playing with it. She loves to hear the story of "baby Jesus." She asks for it all the time. And in the books that she has gotten every day, there are several that re-tell the story on a level that she can understand. Even the character books that she is opening (like Berenstein Bears) tell the story of the birth of our Savior.


I have several nativity sets, and a few snow globes that have the nativity scene in them. We were given many of them as wedding gifts. But there are all fragile and too special to display as long as there is a toddler in the house. So, for now, these two are the only two nativity scenes that we have on display in our home. We are so very thankful for what the Nativity represents, not just in our home, but in our hearts.

Do you believe?

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Pamela said...

Your nativity is just beautiful. I decorate my living room tree with only nativity ornaments. I love sharing it with my grandchildren.

The pictures of your daughter with Santa are adorable! They would win a prize I am sure.