Dec 11, 2011

Christmas Challenge: Something Sticky

If you are on Pinterest, I think it's safe to say you've seen these little babies all over the boards.


Don't be fooled, they are not that easy to make and not that neat and pretty when they are done. I attempted my first batch this past Saturday. Evidently, there is a bit of a learning curve to making these things. This is one of my better looking ones.


Out of a whole bag of Nutter Butter cookies, I have 14 decent Rudolphs to take to Sara Madalin's class party on Thursday. Depending on how much time I have, I might attempt to make a few more. But they are a mess to make. I had chocolate all over the kitchen by the time I was finished. I didn't even get pictures of my mess because I had melted chocolate burns on my fingers. It was bad, very bad.

I was telling my friends in Sunday School, if you are thinking about making those, DON'T. Put that bag of Nutter Butters down and walk away.

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