Dec 12, 2011

Christmas Challenge: A Winter Wonderland

One morning last week I stepped outside the backdoor to snap a few pictures of the frost on the ground, and I just happened to catch this.


Do you see him? He was pretty fast and I almost missed him. He was running across our backyard. Almost every morning when Sara Madalin and I leave for school we see at least one, sometimes more. There have been mornings I've seen then in our backyard, then a few more up the road past our neighbor's house. I saw no less than 10 in our field across the road one night when I came home from my evening class. Just like Chocolate, the deer are EVERYWHERE!

As I said, I had stepped outside to take a picture of the frost on the ground. Or as Sara Madalin calls it, the "frosting." Here are a couple of quick photos I took.



It actually snowed on us as we were headed to school one day last week. SM was so disappointed that it didn't last long, stick. But then again, when she sees the "frosting," she thinks it's snow usually. I hope it does snow at least once this season for her to play in it. I know she would have a ball.

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Carrie said...

Oh my! Allie Claire would fall out if it snowed here. She's been watching for snow out the windows...How sad is that? Yes, we live in north Florida :)