Dec 8, 2011

"H" is for Hamburger... Hamburger Cookies

Each Friday Sara Madaln's class is treated to a special snack by a different parent. We signed up for the days we'd bring snacks at the beginning of the school year. Miss Melodi asked that we bring a snack that starts with the letter the children are studying that week. I signed up for "H," "L," and "P." For several weeks I've been trying to figure out what I was going to bring for snack that started with the letter "H." I thought about Ho-Ho's, or hash browns, or even mini hot dogs. Then, a week or so ago, I saw Angela Thomas post on her Facebook page these cute little Hamburger Cookies.


They were just too adorable not to try. So, I wrote down her instructions and gathered my supplies. Wednesday night after SM went to bed, I made up 2 dozen. Here's the supply list, for those who might be in need of an "H" snack as well:

Vanilla Wafers
Keebler Grasshopper Cookies
Sesame Seeds
Green Food Coloring
A Tube of Yellow Frosting
A Tube of White Frosting

First, take a vanilla wafer and put a small dab of white frosting on it. (I put out 12 cookies on a piece of wax paper and did this step 12 times, then moved to the next step. )


Then, I placed a Grasshopper cookie on top of the vanilla wafer. It is the "meat" of the burger.


Spread some yellow on top of that. It's supposed to look like cheese. Reagan said it looked like mustard to him.


Dye about a cup of coconut with green food coloring. Then spread a little of the coconut on top of each cookie. It's the "lettuce."


Take a fresh vanilla wafer and put a dot of the white frosting on it, then place that at the top of your "burger."


Once your burgers are assembled, spread a small dab of honey on the top of each, then put a little sesame seed on top of the honey. From start to finish, I may have spent about 20 minutes on this. So easy and cute.


I placed each of my "burgers" in a cupcake container so they would be more secure as I transport them to school on Friday.


I'm taking these, along with some Hi-C juice boxes. I plan to run by Chic-Fil-A right before snack time and pick up some of their small, round hash brown potatoes and drop those off by school as well. I hope the kids enjoy eating these as much as I enjoyed making them.

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Rebecca Powers said...

Man! I wish I would have known about this when I taught the letter H. I'll have to remember it for next year. Too cute!!

Penny said...

These are adorable! I'm not to "h" yet. ;)