Dec 31, 2011

Out with the old...

Remember this little post at the beginning of 2011? I'm not surprised if you don't. I haven't thought a whole lot about it in the recent months myself.

I had big plans at the beginning of the year to get some stuff done, huh? I think it's funny that I entitled the post, "All is Quiet on the Home Front" cause, for us, 2011 was anything but quiet. In 2011, we completed our home study and continued our wait for a second child through adoption. We passed on a private adoption of a baby boy who is now thriving in and loving his new family. We got hit by a deer coming home from church one night. We said our final good-byes to my precious mother-in-law. We celebrated the 3rd birthday of our little Sugar-girl. I got to run in my first 5K event. Sara Madalin started at her "new school," as she still calls it. We spent some time with friends. We visited Sara Madalin's birth family. And we met Spiderman and went to Disney. As far as I'm concerned, our year was anything BUT quiet.

So, how did I do on that list I made at the beginning of the year? Let's see...

1) Unpack all the boxes in storage. Well, I'm far from complete in this area. But we have definitely made some progress. I have unpacked all our videos, books, and games and placed them upstairs in the bonus area. Now, I just need to figure out or purchase a way to organize them. But as you can see, the shop/storage building is still in need of much work.

2) Organize the bonus room and craft room. I've made some progress there as well. It's still not an area where we can let the kids come and play unattended, but I think that it will be before much longer. We hope to purchase a few things for this area in the coming months. If I remember, I'll update on it at that time.

3) Learn to use my Canon Rebel. I attended a class early in the year that was given by a local professional photographer. It helped me learn a lot about lighting and settings on my camera. When I try, I can take pretty good pictures. I have also done quite a bit of reading that has helped me. And recently, I purchased a copy of Photoshop Elements from a friend. I hope to load and learn to use it soon.

4) Cook at home more and eat out less. Well... I guess I can't expect to reach ALL my goals in one year. I have cut back on my eating out during the week. As a family, we usually only eat out on Friday nights and then about 3 times on the weekends. We are just on the go so much that we aren't home to eat during the weekend. But pretty much every week night I cook. On the nights I had class, I would could something in the Crock Pot or have a pizza in the freezer for my people. Now, I just need to cook healthier for us.

5) Cook and give away at least one meal a month. I can't say that I've given away one meal each month, but I have cooked and given away quite a bit of food this year. We've had several people in our Sunday school class who've been sick that we've carried food to. I've cooked and carried a good bit of food to my Daddy, who is single. I hope to continue to use meal preparation and delivery as a ministry in the coming year.

6) Entertain more in our home. We hosted friends at our home for a couple game nights and a Super Bowl gathering. We also had several of my college friends over one afternoon this Summer. And of course, SM's birthday party was held here at our home. We enjoyed having people here. I hope to again entertain at home this coming year.

7) Spend less time online and more time doing constructive things. I haven't tracked my time online. There are some weeks I feel like I spend more time on the computer than others. I think since SM started school, I have definitely spent less time online during the day because I'm not home. I do answer and write emails on my phone, but I don't web surf as much as on my computer. I could definitely stand to spend less time online, even still. I have been able to craft and read more. I've read through almost all the Harry Potter series. I know, I'm way behind in that area. But I viewed the series as a kids' book/movie. I've enjoyed reading them though. Rowling is incredibly creative. I've also read The Hunger Games series and can't wait for the movie. I'll probably read those books again. I've crocheted. I've sewn several outfits for SM and appliqu├ęd a few things as well. I enjoy sewing and crafting and hope to spend as much, if not more time, doing a few creative things this year.

Now, what are my goals for 2012. I've been thinking about that. Maybe I'll share them in my next post.

Happy New Year!

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