Jan 25, 2012

And now for the letter "L"

Our week started off pretty rough, but we've had a very good day today. We had a parent/teacher conference (a routine meeting, scheduled months ago) on Tuesday. We had dinner with B.B. and Scooter Tuesday night. And we've been working on getting SM to sleep in her room all night, without getting up and coming into our room. She has done great. She is getting more rest and waking up in the morning in a much better mood. We've been so proud of her.

This afternoon, between getting home from school and us leaving for church, we made her class snack for this week. Sara Madalin doesn't have school Friday so they are having their special snack for this week tomorrow. I made a couple things for the letter "L."

First, they are having some LION MILK. Well, actually they are having regular milk that is decorated to look like a lion.


Then, they are also having LAMB CUPCAKES. These are not my greatest work, but I think the 3-year-olds will enjoy them just the same.


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