Jan 5, 2012

Date Night, Finally

Many of my days are spent cooking, running errands, making sure Sara Madalin is where she needs to be when she needs to be, and cleaning toothpaste off the bathroom mirror. So, when Reagan and I have a night where we can go to a movie or dinner alone, I look forward to it pretty much all day long. One night this week we decided to call Miss Amber to come over so we could have a little date - just me and my guy.

Sara Madalin loves Miss Amber. When I told her Amber was coming over, her first question was, "Is she going to put me night-night?" (She's kind of fond of her momma when it's time for bed.)

I said, "Yes. But when you wake up in the night, Mommy and Daddy will be here." Then I told her all the fun things she and Miss Amber would do, like paint, and dress up, and dance. She loves playing with Miss Amber, and Amber is so good to her. She also knows how to discipline SM in a way that works, and for that I'm thankful. She doesn't just let SM run all over the place and do things she knows we wouldn't otherwise let her do.

So, Miss Amber showed up a couple hours before Reagan and I were planning on leaving. This gave me time to get ready (most days I'm lucky to get a shower and wash my hair, much less put on make-up and run a curling iron through my hair), and do a few things I couldn't otherwise do while SM is awake. They played and painted and dressed up. Then, when Reagan got home, I came out of the bedroom to say good-bye to Sara Madalin. She said to me, "Mommy, did you enjoy your movie?"

Bless her heart. She thought since she hadn't seen me in awhile that Reagan and I had gone and were returning from our date. I told her we hadn't left yet, and that we were about to leave and would be back soon. She was a little clingy, but not too much. As I said, she really likes and enjoys Miss Amber. We gave hugs and kisses and left.

Before we left, I did take a few pictures, with Amber's assistance. Here's SM and her BFF, Amber.

And then me and my girl.

Finally, me and the fella who put a ring on it.


We saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. We enjoyed it. I have to say, Tom Cruise looks pretty good for a man his age. But he always looks so weird when he runs. But then, I'm pretty sure I do too.

Anyway, SM went to bed pretty easily for Amber. Amber said she asked for me and whined just a little, but she went to sleep around 8:30 which is about the time she is asleep every other night.

She woke up and came into our room around 11:30, which was earlier than normal, but I told Reagan it was probably because we'd been gone when she went to sleep. Once she woke up just a little in the night, I'm sure she remembered that and came to our room to see if we were home yet. When she came in, she stepped up on my stool beside the bed and said, "Mommy?" I looked over at her and gave her a kiss. She said, "Mommy, I missed you so much." And then she gave me sweet kisses before walking over to her little bed in our room.

A date with my Honey, sweet love from my girl, and no toothpaste on the bathroom mirrors. It was a good day.

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