Jan 1, 2012

Family Christmases

We had Christmas meals with both our families this weekend. Well, with most of our family.

Saturday, my sister, Brandi, and her husband and children came over for lunch. She sent me a text Saturday night thanking me for inviting them and for all the food. I replied, "Thanks for caring enough to come. And for bringing ALL THE CRAZY!" Cause it was nothing if not that with all our kids in the house. And on top of all the excitement from the kids, I let SM have an Oreo ball. She was wired. She loves having her cousins here to play. She hated to see them go.

My sister gave her a Spidergirl costume for Christmas. When SM opened it, she couldn't have been more disappointed. She said, "Aww." It was if she'd been given coal. She doesn't like to be referred to as Spidergirl, and she didn't want a GIRL costume. My sister and I looked at each other and laughed. I had warned her that might be SM's reaction. I simply said to SM, "Tell your Aunt Brandi thank you." She also got an inflatable Spiderman chair. It has been added to the collection of her chairs in the living room that she and Taco takes turns sitting in.

My house was so loud and chaotic, I forgot to take any pictures. I hate it too, because they are all just growing up too fast.

Tonight we went to Mr. Brown's to eat and exchange gifts. Sara Madalin was the center of the show, as usual. She was really sweet, and so, so funny. I did take a few shots, mostly of SM, tonight. Here's my girl waiting patiently to open gifts. She wore her Spiderman shirt from Universal. And we've caught her several times lately, sitting so prim and proper with her legs crossed like that.


She and Cheyenne are the only cousins who get gifts anymore. All the other "kids" are in their 20s, so they don't get gifts any longer. Oh, and Papaw still gets gifts too. He had lots of help opening them tonight.


She finally got to open her gifts. Mallory had gotten her a bag FULL of Spiderman things - pens, markers, notebooks, and hand sanitizer. She opened the bag, pulled the first pen out and said, "Wook! It's my favorite movie!!!" We all laughed.


Here she is with her Papaw right before we left.


She was such a sweet, funny girl tonight. She was still her busy, mischievous self, but she was well-behaved and kept us all laughing. I'm so thankful for all the laughter she has brought to us and the rest of our family. I love that girl!

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Carrie said...

I love that SM loves Spiderman! Allie Claire loves Thomas the Train and we can't find the first little girl Thomas the Train anything!