Jan 29, 2012

Family Photo: January 2012

You know, there are probably several things I could do, if I took the time, to edit this photo to make it look a little better. But no matter what I attempted to do, I don't think I could make my daughter's face look any less terrified.


She wasn't afraid. Really. She thought she was smiling. And the funny thing is, we have photos of Reagan at that age and he has that same goofy smile. I've always laughed when I've seen those pictures of him, because clearly, his smile was fake. And now, his daughter is (hopefully) going to look back at photos of herself at this age and have a giggle or two herself. Bless her little heart.

This was taken this morning before we left for church. One of my goals is to take a family photo each month this year. Well, the month is almost over and I've neglected to take a decent photo of the three of us. And since this morning is probably the last time we'll be dressed up and have time to take a quick shot before the month ends, I thought we'd give things a try.

Maybe next month SM will have better luck with that grin.

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1 comment:

Penny said...

The awkward, fake smiling stage. lol This will pass.
BTW~ I've always said she looks like her Daddy. :)