Jan 22, 2012

Friends at the Fish House

First, thank you for the emails, comments, and phone calls in response to my last blog post. Parenting is the toughest, yet most rewarding job I've ever had. It's always encouraging to know Reagan and I are not in this alone.

Friday night we were invited to diner with B. B. and Scooter. We decided to get SM a sitter since dinner was going to be late and we knew she'd be tired if we took her. So, our neighbor's daughter, Holly, agreed to keep her. Well, when it was time for us to leave, Holly wasn't home, so her mom, Tina, came over to carry SM over to their house. Not long after SM left, Tina texted me and said Sara Madalin had asked where her "Reagan" was. She was asking where her "husband" was, but only knows that Reagan and I go together, but didn't know he's called my husband. Then, right after that she texted and said Sara Madalin had asked if Holly was a poacher, because she was out hunting. She heard that word at Animal Kingdom when we were at Disney. She asks me randomly what it means. I've told her it is a word that means someone is hunting on someone else's property. So, when heard that Holly was hunting, which obviously means, in SM's mind, that she was poaching. I'm sure Sara Madalin kept them laughing the whole evening.

We laughed quite a bit ourselves. We met B.B. and Scooter at their house. Scooter had invited several of us out to dinner at the Family Fish House. He wanted as many of us to ride there together as possible. So, he borrowed a flower delivery van for us to ride in. Here are B.B., Scooter, and I before getting into the van.


I don't know how old it is or where he borrowed it from, but the only doors that worked were the driver's door and the door that's open right behind us in this picture above. So, Reagan and I (and the others we picked up later) had to get in through the passenger door and climb through to the seats in the back. And there weren't enough seat belts. Good times, y'all.

When we arrived at the Fish House, Wayne and Susie were there with two of their sons and all 5 of their grands. It was VERY LOUD. Had I known the little kids were going to be there too, I would have brought SM. The first thing Skyler asked when she saw me was where was Sara Madalin. She would have loved to have seen them all. Here's our crew.


Cash is the cutest thing. He was showing me his trick of holding a spoon on his nose.


Here's Scooter and his brother, Wayne. We love spending time with them and their families.


We had a great time and enjoyed some good food. We hope to all get together and do it again soon.

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