Jan 19, 2012

Hickory, Dickory Dock...

For the past couple weeks, Sara Madalin and her friends have been studying nursery rhymes at school. To end this series of lessons, tomorrow they are having a Nursery Rhyme-themed party at snack time. I signed up to bring snacks, along with another mom. Here are the items I prepared and dropped off today.

First are suckers made to look like spiders, playing off of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Spider that scared Little Miss Muffet.



I found the idea on Pinterest, of course. Here's a list of the supplies I used:
  • dum dum suckers
  • black paper napkins
  • black pipe cleaner
  • self-sticking googley eyes
I took dome dum-dum suckers and wrapped them in a small piece or black paper napkin, just enough to wrap around the sucker once or twice. Then, I cut two pipe cleaners in half to make four pieces of the pipe cleaner. I wrapped each piece around the stick of the sucker, making four legs on each side of the spider. Then I attached the eyes. I shaped the pipe cleaners to make them look a little more like spider legs, rather than sticking straight out from the side.

Next I made some mice, to go along with Hickory, Dickory Dock.



Again, another Pinterest idea. Here's the supply list:
  • Hershey's Kisses (Talk about temptation, I've had no refined sugar, chocolate, or caffeine since December 31. I wanted to eat about half that bag of kisses. But I ate not one.)
  • pink felt (for the ears)
  • googley eyes
  • pink ribbon (for the tail)
  • tiny pink pom-pom balls
  • double-sided tape
I cut out the ears (free hand) and attached them to the bottom of one of the kisses using a small piece of double-sided tape. Then I attached the two kisses together with more tape. I put the eyes on, then taped a small piece of ribbon on for a tail. Finally, I attached the pom-pom ball with a small piece of tape for the nose.

I also carried a bag of Bugles chips, as a play off Little Boy Blue's horn.


Finally, I bought some bottled water and wrapped a strip of gingham wrapping paper around them.


I placed them in a blue bucket and now they are a "pail of water" just like the one Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch.


Another mom has ordered some cake pops that look like spiders and some cookies that look like Humpty Dumpty. I think it's going to be a cute party.

I had not originally signed up to help with snacks this week. But when I found out that only one person was scheduled to bring something, I let Miss Melodi know I'd help too. Now, I did sign up for next week. So, I'll also have a snack for next Friday as well. If it turns out cute I'll post pictures.

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Marcie said...

How cute!

J+M=L said...

Thank you for the spider idea! Just googled it and this was by far the best idea! Perfect for my preschoolers. :)