Jan 3, 2012

"I'm trying to sleep."

We had one last day Monday to enjoy our little Christmas break. We have enjoyed the few days we've not had much of a schedule, and no where we needed to be. We've slept a little later, stayed in our PJs a little longer, and enjoyed more than a few long naps. Sara Madalin and Reagan have enjoyed watching a little television together each morning while I prepare breakfast. Here they are Monday morning watching - can you guess? SPIDERMAN!


She told me the other day that I'm Firestar and her Daddy is Iceman.

Monday evening our friends brought over a futon they were getting rid of. Sara Madalin has been sleeping (most of the night) on a pallet in our room. When I saw they were getting rid of the futon, I told them we were interested in getting it from them. Anyway, they brought it over after Reagan got home Monday night. To say Sara Madalin was excited to see them, that would be a huge understatement. She loves Miss Jackie. When I told her they were coming over, she immediately said, "Wet me go get my backetball." And she was all over them while they were here. They stayed a little while and it was soon her bedtime. I went in with her and brushed her teeth, got her PJs on, and read her story. Then, I turned her light out and closed her door, leaving it open only a small crack. Then, I went back into the dining area where Reagan, Nickey, and Jackie were still visiting. We were trying to be quiet, but we were talking and laughing. About 20 minutes later, SM walked in from her room and said, "I'm trying to sleep." We all just laughed at her and I went to tuck her back in. She went on to sleep and we visited for quite awhile.

When she came into our room in the middle of night, she went right over to the futon and climbed up on it and slept until we woke her around 6:40 Tuesday morning. I told Reagan, I really don't' want to encourage her to sleep in our room, but I also don't want her to have to sleep on the cold, hard floor when she does come in there. We'll see how this works. If she starts coming into our room too early in the evening, we'll have to move it out and work on getting her to sleep all night in her room. I'm so torn when it comes to these things. I want to embrace these days when she's still so young that she wants to be with us at night. But at the same time, I know it's good for her to sleep on her own in her bedroom. So, right now we are compromising and putting her to bed in her bed, and allowing her to come into our room later in the night/early morning.

While I was taking a shower, Reagan snapped this picture of her.


That's good sleeping right there. (And she's got a Spiderman band-aid on her hand, in case you might be wondering.

Tuesday morning on the way to school, I told her how proud I was of her for going on to sleep even though we were all in there talking. She said, "Why was they still there?" I said, "We were all talking and visiting with each other." She said, "Dey was loud."

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