Jan 17, 2012

Play Date with Wright

I do believe my daughter has met her match.


This is Sara Madalin's friend from school, Wright. He and Sara Madalin have very similar personalities and I believe she's come close to meeting someone who might possibly be able to keep up with her. We met Wright, his mom, and his little brother for lunch, ice cream, and play time Monday while they were out of school. They had a great time together.

It was funny watching them play. They would lose track of each other and run over to us where we were sitting and talking. Then they'd ask (scream), "Where's Wright?" or "Where did Sara Madalin go?" They are both FULL of energy. And they really enjoyed each other. Wright's mom and I enjoyed some adult conversation.

We will definitely have to plan more play dates in our future.

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Ashley said...

Oh my! They are so cute together! How sweet ;)