Feb 8, 2012

Dentist Appointment

Tuesday afternoon Sara Madalin had her first real dentist appointment. She's been once before, but Debbie didn't do a whole lot. It was just to get SM familiar with the office and staff. Tuesday when she went, Debbie looked at her teeth really good, and polished them - the works. I was a little concerned because the appointment was right at the time that Sara Madalin normally lays down for a nap when I have her in the afternoon. But, she did great. She was just as sweet and well-behaved as I could have wanted her to be. She asked a million questions, but she was very good. I was so proud of her. I've not wanted to say anything for fear of jinxing our streak, but she's been doing very well these past couple weeks. She's sleeping all night in her bed (once we can get her to actually go to sleep) and getting much better rest than when she woke up in the night and coming into our room. Reagan and I still aren't used to her not coming in there. But she's doing great. We think it has improved her behavior as well. Her teacher has not had any incidents that I'm aware of since she's sleeping so much better. And she's also napping well for them at school.

Now, tomorrow she'll probably pull somebody's hair and run up and down the hall during nap time like a mad woman.

Not that she's done that. . . Recently.

So, here's a few pictures of her at her dentist appointment.

This is when she first sat in the chair and Mrs. Debbie put the bib on her. Of course, there were questions of "Who's that? Why are you putting that around my neck?" All of her questions, Mrs. Debbie handled like a pro. The whole staff was so good with her.


Mrs. Debbie gave her a mirror so she could watch everything being done in her mouth. She does not get that from her mother. I lie there with my eyes closed the entire time Debbie is working in my mouth. Not our girl. She would have polished her own teeth if Debbie had left that tool unattended for too long.


Mrs. Debbie showed her a model of set of teeth and showed her the proper way to brush. SM had a great time playing with the teeth and the big toothbrush.


Right after we came into the exam room, a young girl came in to observe. She's about to enter dental hygiene school and was visiting with this dental office. When she walked in I recognized her, but couldn't remember from where I knew her. She recognized us too. She told me her name and reminded me that she was one of the afternoon workers at the daycare Sara Madalin went to from 18 months until she was almost 3-years-old. SM didn't remember her, but she remembered SM. She kept talking about how Sara Madalin had grown and how much calmer (yeah, CALMER) Sara Madalin was now that she was almost a year older than the last time she'd seen her. She said, "She's grown up so much." I took a quick picture of them together right before Dr. Brad came in to see SM.


Dr. Brad came in and looked at SM's teeth. He said they look great. She's got great spacing and her gums look healthy. She has an overbite, but he can't tell if that will be an issue or not until her permanent teeth come in.


As I said, she had a great visit. And I have to say, she's very good when it comes to dental hygiene. She's better about brushing her teeth than many kids her age. I think we've frightened her into it. Well, us and Sid the Science Kid. She's watched an episode of Sid where they talk about cavities. Now, at least once or twice a week, she reminds us of the girl in the episode who didn't brush her teeth and got cavities. Anytime she's ever given us a problem with brushing her teeth, I'll say, "Let me look at your teeth. Let me see if there are any cavities." She will immediately brush better and tell me she doesn't want any cavities. I guess sometimes, fear works.

They are also learning about dental hygiene at school this week. She's brought home a big toothbrush they made, and a tooth that had glitter all over it - at least until it was put on the floor in my car. So, she is learning about what she experienced this week at the dentist. One thing she must have heard about at school, or somewhere, is that dentists use a drill. As we were checking out, she was walking around as if everyone there knew her. She went behind the counter to the lady who was running my debit card and asked her, "Do you have a drill?" Again, the office staff was so good to her. The lady finished checking us out, got up, and led SM to another area of the office and showed her a drill and the stuff they put into cavities to create fillings. SM was fascinated.


That girl would have stayed all day asking questions, touching things, and learning all she could, but I reminded her that it was "rest" time (again, code for "nap" at our house) and that we needed to say bye-byes. Luckily, the sweet "drill lady" caught my message where SM missed it, and she led Sara Madalin to the door for me and said good-bye.

I am so thankful that she did so well. And I'm glad I have these pictures and this blog post to remember how good she was. That way, next week, when she turns into "that other child," I'll have this good day to look back on.

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