Feb 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Super Bowl Weekend

We are having a few friends over Sunday evening to watch a little football game between two relatively unknown teams - Eli's team and that other one with the cute quarterback. I started working on a few decorations earlier this week, because that's what I do when we have friends over for dinner. I decorate and Reagan grills. It works well for us.

So, because you really need a wreath to get any party started, I made one Tuesday evening after Sara Madalin went to bed. I saw the idea on Pinterest for a wreath made using paper napkins. I already had a vine wreath I'd bought on sale a while back. And, I am nothing if not the paper napkin queen. I buy napkins on sale pretty much any time I see them. Sometimes, I even buy them when they are not on sale, you know, just to live on the edge. So, I Googled the teams who are playing in the Super Bowl, found their team colors, and made sure I had those to make a wreath.

Actually, I have to admit. I wasn't quite sure of the team names of the Super Bowl contenders. I knew Eli played for a New York team, but I thought it was the Jets. Turns out, no, he doesn't play for the Jets. Luckily, even though I didn't know the team names, I did know the quarterbacks' names. So, that's really what I Googled.

Here's my wreath.


I'm thinking I may try to attach a photo of Eli on one side and Gisele's husband on the other. Or maybe in the middle like they are facing off. Or maybe the actual team names, so that I can remember them.

That's just the tip of my decorating iceberg, so to say. I have a few other things planned. Whether I follow through with them depends on how much my daughter sleeps this week, and how much energy my B-12 shot really gives me. But, if I have any other crafts, I'll try to post a few pictures.

Go Eli!

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