Mar 11, 2012

Better Gas Mileage

Sara Madalin's Spring Break started last Thursday, and we have been enjoying ourselves every day. She's been a good girl for me, for the most part. She just requires a lot of activity to keep her focused. So, we've been working on some "projects" and I'll probably show a few of those sometime this next week. We also have plans to catch a Leprechaun. Not sure how that's going to play out, but it should be interesting.

Reagan has been looking for a smaller vehicle for me, that gets better gas mileage than my Acadia. Currently, my car gets about 17 miles per gallon. I travel 17 miles each morning before I even arrive at SM's school. So, this past week he found a used diesel-engine car for us down on the coast. We decided we'd make a road trip and enjoy the drive down as a family. We left early Saturday morning, and only had to make 2 stops on the 3 hour drive. Sara Madalin did great, but as soon as we arrived at the house of the sellers, she ran like the wind. They were a sweet older couple and they enjoyed her playing and running all over their yard. We went and drove the car and Reagan asked every question he could possibly think of, then we went to eat lunch while he "thought" it over. Here's SM checking out the car for us.


Oh, I don't even want to think about the day she comes to me and asks for the keys.

After lunch, we drove back over to their house and picked up the car. Then we headed home. SM fell asleep about 30 minutes into the drive and slept until I woke her up at the Watermelon Patch just north of Hattiesburg. We had made the promise of ice cream, and it was time to deliver. She chose a rainbow sherbet. While she ate, I looked at the shoes. Believe it or not, we didn't buy a single pair.


We got home and enjoyed dinner before setting our clocks forward and going to bed.

Sunday morning, I got up and fixed a breakfast casserole to carry to Sunday school. After Sunday school, Reagan and I had preschool duty. We were assigned to SM's class. If I didn't need a nap before that, I certainly did after. And it was pretty much because of my own child. She's a hand-full. But she sure does love her friends. Here she is with one of her friends from church (and school and soccer), Cloe.


We had a great nap and got up in time to enjoy the warm weather outside before the wind and rain moved in. She and I are looking forward to a fun Spring Break week. Someone asked me at church today if we had plans. I told them that we didn't. I'm pretty sure the time will come when SM will want to do something, or go somewhere, for Spring Break, but I'm enjoying the time while I can that she is just happy to be home with me playing with construction paper and glue.

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