Mar 26, 2012

Dance Pictures and Soccer Trophy

Saturday morning Sara Madalin had a soccer game scheduled at 8:30, Soccer awards at 11:00, Dance pictures at 11:00 and another soccer game at 11:15. There was no way we could make all of that. So, we had to skip her last day of soccer for the season. We probably could have made the first game, then headed over to have her dance pictures done. But I knew that was pushing both me and her a little too far.

So, we took our time getting ready Saturday morning. Once she got her bath, I tried to fix her hair. I wasn't sure how her dance teacher wanted it fixed, but I tried to put it in a bun. I sprayed and wet and combed it as best I could. We got a little bit of a bun, but there were hairs popping out everywhere. Then, when we got to the gym where pictures were being taken, everyone else had their hair down with just the front and sides pulled up. Oh, well. There was no going back without washing her hair completely. So, we had a bun with some stray hairs for character. I also put a little mascara on her and some blush on her cheeks. She was excited. Then, when we arrived at the gym, and she saw that all her friends were jumping on the gymnastics equipment, she was even more excited. There was a bit of a delay taking pictures. So, the girls ran around getting tired and sweaty before taking dance picture. By the time they were called for pictures, several of the little girls (including mine) were so wound up or tired, they were not interested at all in having their picture made. Reagan said that next time, we would arrive a few minutes late, just to be safe.

Here's Sara Madalin when we first arrived. She was playing with her friend from class, Isabelle.


And here she is with her friend, Audrey.


And this is Abby, who is also in her class at school.


They had a blast on the gymnastics equipment. They jumped until they could almost jump no more.


They finally took their group picture and a few had individual photos taken. After that, we changed her clothes so we could go eat lunch. But first, because her sweet friend Cloe and her parents were kind enough to get Sara Madalin's trophy for us, she posed with her first soccer trophy. She was so proud of it that she carried it around all day.


She was a work out Saturday morning. I told Reagan I don't think I could handle her without him. She was just being herself and playing. But she also is going through what I hope is a phase, where I can be calling her name and talking to her and she acts like she doesn't even hear me. I think she does the same thing with her teacher at school. She just acts like she's not listening. It drives me crazy. She did that several times while she was playing Saturday morning. I would notice that her hair was messed up and I'd call her name several times to get her attention so I could fix her hair. Sometimes I was standing right in front of her. And she would continue doing what she was doing as if I wasn't even speaking. I'd finally have to get Reagan to step in and get her.

Anyway, after pictures, we had lunch then headed home for a nice nap. Miss Amber came over to stay with her Saturday evening while Reagan and I enjoyed a movie (Hunger Games!!!) and dinner at Bravo! It was the first time we've had a nice dinner in awhile. We both enjoyed it. And Sara Madalin enjoyed Miss Amber.

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