Mar 25, 2012

Fish Food

Isn't this the sweetest picture?


As difficult as she can be at times, moments when she's sweet more than makes up for the rough moments.

I took this picture with my phone Friday evening as she and Reagan were feeding the fish in our lake. She hadn't seen him since Thursday morning. She was already in the bed asleep when he got home Thursday night and was gone to men's Bible study when she got up Friday morning. So, when he came home from work Friday evening, she was very excited about spending time outside with him for a little while. And by the way, she hasn't worn shoes, except for a church and a little while Saturday morning, all weekend long.

We decided, since she had a busy day on Saturday, that we'd stay home Friday night. Reagan grilled some chicken and we had that along with some pasta and vegetables. We ate in the screened in room off our bedroom. Sara Madalin loves to eat out there when the weathers warm enough. We let her stay up just a little later than normal, but not too late.

She had a great night and we enjoyed being at home. We all look forward to more nights like that this Spring and Summer.

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