Mar 2, 2012

Guest Room

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of Sara Madalin's room and mentioned that I was trying to clean out one room a week at our house. I'm a little behind on that goal.

After her room, I did clean the guest room. I've posted about it before. There's not been much change to it since I last posted pictures of it. But, someone asked me not long ago to post pictures of the house again, so, here's the guest room.


It has a coastal feel too it. The walls are a cool blue, although I can't remember the paint name. The curtains and bedskirt are burlap.


I bought the mirror for very little and Reagan painted the frame for me. He wants to get a little larger TV for this room, but I'm hoping we make changes in here soon that don't require a TV at all.


Which brings me to the subject of a new baby. Kind of. In a very round about way.

I try really hard not to hope and dream about another baby, or prepare for one. I have a few friends who are also waiting to adopt and they have nurseries prepared, and have bought all kinds of things for a new child. That's great. I'm so glad they have that optimism. And it's not that I'm a pessimist that causes me not to do those things. It's that I've had my heart broken before when I hoped and anxiously awaited a child, and I can't bring myself to go there again. As a matter of fact, just a few weeks ago, I cleaned out and got rid of about 3 bags of Sara Madalin's old clothes. I just knew we had all those sweet things stored, and there is some baby somewhere that can be using them. So, I bagged up some things for my niece, and took a number of things to a nearby consignment store. And of course, I kept a box of things that were most precious to me in hopes that someday I'll have a granddaughter to wear them. I did keep enough pajamas and onesies that we'll make it if we do get a call and have to be quickly pull out a few things. Except if we get a call for a boy. In which case we're all in trouble.

My point is, I'm very careful not to allow myself to hope or anticipate a child or anything that comes with one.

But, if I did allow myself, for a brief moment, to think of what I'd like to do with our guest room, should it someday become a nursery, I might try something like this.

Or maybe, even this.

But, as I said, I don't spend much time dwelling on it.

At least, I try really hard not to.

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