Mar 5, 2012

It Won't Be Like This For Long

Every night, before Sara Madalin's story, she hides from us. And she hides in the very same place every night - under her covers.


I guess she doesn't realize that we know exactly where she is. You'd think a kid as smart as her would realize we know exactly where she is. Or maybe she thinks she's the smart one and we're dumb because we keep playing along and walking into the room saying, "I wonder where Sara Madalin is. I guess she's gone."

She stays there, we say our little script, then she coughs . . .


. . . I sit on the bed, then she pulls the covers down and says, "Boo!"


We've done this every night for at least a month. A few nights ago, when I came in too soon, and she hadn't hidden yet, and she said, "Go back out Mommy. Let's start over (cause that's what she does when she doesn't get to hide)," I made a face, and sighed, cause I was tired and really didn't want to play the game. Reagan said, "One day you'll look back and wish for this game."

He's right.

So, I took a picture and now I'm blogging it, because I will miss this one day.

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