Mar 14, 2012

More About Spring Break

So, for those waiting anxiously on the edge of your seats to find out whether or not we have caught a leprechaun or not, I hate to tell you that we have so far been unsuccessful. But we are still trying. I think the main problem with our attempts to catch one (you know, aside from the fact that THEY DON'T EXIST), is that my assistant loses interest very quickly in our quest. We've been trying all week to make a construction paper rainbow. We've gotten three colors on there. She'll work for about 3 minutes, then start talking and get distracted and I'm left finishing the project on my own.

Aside from trying to nab a leprechaun, we've been doing some work around the yard and running a few errands. Sara Madalin has had the best time playing out in the dirt. She has played for over an hour at a time, had 2-3 baths a day, and slept like a baby at nap time and bedtime.


She told me this next picture was of a mud biscuit. She was filthy.


Today we went out and ran some errands. We went out earlier this week and she was really disobedient to me. So, today when we went out I made sure I carried my Spanking Spoon. It worked. When she started acting up, I would just hold up the spoon and she would say, "I listened, Mommy." She's a mess. Here she is enjoying ice cream after our lunch. Once she finished eating it, she turned the bowl up and drank every drop of it.


We have a play date tomorrow with one of her friends and she is going to be so surprised.

Now, I have to finish putting out Lucky Charms for a LEPRECHAUN in hopes that I CATCH HIM. Wish me luck. ;-)

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