Mar 4, 2012

We'll Take a Nap, ANY Way We Can Get It

Saturday Sara Madalin got to spend a little time with her Sue-Sue and David while Reagan and I ran a few errands. She had a soccer game scheduled originally, but EVERY Saturday game has been rained out or rescheduled with the exception of the one game in 32 degree weather. So, we have several games to make up this next week.

Anyway, after her visit with Reagan's sister, and lunch, we all came home to take a nap. Sara Madalin slept in her room, I slept on the sofa, and Reagan slept in the comfy leather chair. I woke up first and started working on a few things, then Sara Madalin woke up and came into the living room. I went to another room, and when I came back, this is how I found her.




Believe it or not, they both slept like that for about 15 minutes. And I know she was asleep because she did some heavy snoring. I guess it's safe to say, we take naps around here any way, and anywhere, we can.

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