Mar 19, 2012

Will You Be Our Flower Girl?

Sara Madalin's cousin, Mitch, asked his sweet girlfriend to marry him a couple weeks ago. We are so excited and happy for them. Well, one afternoon last week, Mallory called me and asked if they could come over and see Sara Madalin for a few minutes. She said they had something they wanted to ask her.

When they got there, they gave her a little bag with a happy inside.



Sara Madalin showed me the pretty butterfly (that will look great hanging in her bedroom) and note from Mitch and Mallory that said, "Will you be our flower girl?"


Mallory kind of explained to SM what her job would be.


She's excited. I'm sure she doesn't understand what she'll be doing. I hope that by the time the wedding comes around she'll be a little more mature and not have a meltdown in the middle of the ceremony. We shall see. Whatever she does, I'm sure she'll make sure that her part in the ceremony is memorable.

I'm excited about her getting to wear a pretty dress and get all dolled up. I know she'll be gorgeous. And I'm sure Mallory will be a beautiful bride.


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The Glenn Gang said...

Dang it! Now I feel bad for not asking Reagan to video my wedding in a more creative way. Guilt gut here!

Marianne said...

Too cute! AND that outfit is way too cute!!!!